Christophe Claret


The Neuchâtel mountain region is home to almost one-third of Swiss watchmaking workforce, and thus to a body of expertise and skills that is unique in the world. That is precisely why Christophe Claret chose to set up his business there in 1989. Nonetheless, the master-watchmaker would never be content with merely redoing things that have already been done. He is resolutely oriented towards invention, constantly pushing the envelope, exploring uncharted territory and suggesting original ways of reading the time. Within the Manoir du Soleil d’Or, everything is organized in such a way as to ensure that ideas flow freely, are confronted with those of others and thus forged through such constant contact between different skills.

Christophe Claret watches are an inspired reflection of watchmaking genius expressed through its most powerful manifestation: perpetual emotion. Playful, creative and unconventional, these genuine masterpieces intended for devotees of rare and subtly offbeat products that are nonetheless firmly positioned in the sphere of Haute Horlogerie.

In his constant quest for three-dimensional innovations, Christophe Claret draws upon the best of traditions in order to forge his own legend. Like the great multi-starred chefs who practice the art of high gastronomy by working with classic products, he creates tomorrow’s watches while respective the immense legacy of Haute Horlogerie. His credo: “In watchmaking, everything has already been done, and everything has yet to be invented.”

Because he has grasped the fact that surroundings profoundly influence creativity, the master-watchmaker has always made it his duty to offer his personnel a pleasant working environment. Offices and workshops are therefore regularly improved, and the work organization is tailored to enhance individual well-being, since Christophe Claret is well aware that an exceptional artisan must feel good in order to be effective.

The greatest professionals are thus able to work with ultra-modern equipment in a serene and peaceful setting. That is how Christophe Claret views Haute Horlogerie, as a collective challenge that is met by passion and perseverance, nurtured by emotions and dreams. At the Manoir du Soleil d’Or, the word “impossible” has long since been banished from the company’s vocabulary, and replaced instead by the term “challenge”.

Since 1989, the watchmaker has been seeking to put together a set of ideal conditions for the birth of prodigious, atypical and excellent horological mechanisms. Christophe Claret has never swerved from this highly demanding path towards absolute perfection and culminating in a range of extraordinary watches.